Miss Indonesia 2009: Wearing Bikini is A Must

Kompas.com - 06/11/2009, 13:40 WIB

LONDON, KOMPAS.com - Miss Indonesia 2009 Karenina Sunny Halim (23) made a stopover at the Indonesian embassy in London on Thursday evening en route to South Africa to participate in a Miss World 2009 contest. She said her presence in the United Kingdom was to attend a charity dinner to mark the 60th anniversary of the Miss World pageant.
According to Nina (as Karenina is called by family and close friends), some 120 people from around the world were expected to  attend the charity dinner in London on November 9, 2009. She said at the charity dinner, antique items contributed by the 120 participants would be auctioned.
"I will register for the Miss World contest tomorrow," said Nina who is the fourth child of an Indonesian father and an American mother.  Before competing, she is required to spend one month in quarantine in South Africa.
Nina said she was very proud to have won the opportunity to represent Indonesia in the Miss World contest. "It will be a great joy for me to make as many friends as possible from other countries and to introduce my country’s culture and tradition to them," Nina said.
She said her mission in the Miss World contest was to promote traditional costumes and batik from West Sumatra, and other interesting tokens to be distributed to her colleagues at the event.  "Therefore, please support me in the Miss World event so that I can do my best for my beloved country: Indonesia," Nina said.
Asked about the pros and cons in Indonesia about Miss World participants wearing bikinis, Nina only said she hoped that the Indonesian community would understand and support her. She said wearing bikinis at a certain stage of the contest was a rule all Miss World contestants had to follow.
"It is not our own will to wear bikini in the event. If we are ready to participate in it, we should as well be ready to abide by all regulations set by the Miss World committee," Nina said.

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